Engagement Examples

 Global Oil Company

The client contracted us to design, develop, and deliver operator training for a new business area startup that consisted of foud operating units. The training also included generic and high fidelity, unit specific simulators. The client historically had poor performance on unit startups. 

The training was focused on the knowledge required and the skills necessary to operate the unit. We created a curriculum to standardize the approach to the training that was subsequently adopted by the rest of the refinery for all operator training involving simulators. The approach focused on a methodology where each module was a build from the prior module. This allowed for smooth transitions throughout the training. An Operations Superintendent anecdotally stated that he believed the training resulted in a 60-80% decrease in operator error during this startup.


 Top 5 Oil Company

We worked with client to design, develop, and deliver a “train the trainer” module for their global training program, of which we developed a portion of the program. The specifications were that the training should not exceed 32 hours and needed to be delivered globally. 

Upon reviewing their environment, we recommended that they should utilize existing engineers instead of developing professional trainers to execute the program. The train the trainer module was designed with those users in mind and focused on the core competencies required for successful delivery. The overall training time was reduced to 3 hours plus a 15-minute assessment. The client concluded that there was an increase in performance compared to prior efforts. The training was so successful they expanded delivery to support staff and additional trainers who were not originally part of the scope. The savings from the reduced training time exceeded $450k in the initial rollout.


Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

DPM worked on a strategic project to determine synergies between clinical development and commercial businesses in preparation for the important transition from phase 2 to phase 3 for a rare disease compound. We analyzed the market research data outputs from a multi-faceted, collaborative process gathering key stakeholder insights, in association with several internal and external teams. 

This initiative provided key recommendations to better streamline the process for recruiting, clinical trial development and patient engagement. In addition, this project will lead to a training and development program to create institutional knowledge across the franchise, maximizing insight transfer and retention.